What is an abstract painting

What is an abstract painting for me? If you look at the painting is nothing. No designs, pictures of things or anything that can be seen as anything. Actually, just paint on a white canvas. Helter-skelter.

Abstract described in the glossary as the opposite of concrete. Table is a table, bird is a bird similar to concrete. Without look deeper into why we named things to these words and more.

Abstract is as I see it differently for different people. Most paintings I paint are ugly and I feel I should paint over them with white to start over. But I know that a painting needs time to mature for me. If there is body, soul, or something that cannot be described to be mature, I know not. It has to be ready for me.

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It's an art to understand art.

There are a few people who really understand abstract art and perhaps even less who knows what Im creating. It takes years to become an artist.

I just know when I have the right state of me and I'll go and paint. Everything is perfect. After painting the brain is tired and needs new energy. When I see a tired brain painting it becomes ugly. Then it's time to shut my door to the studio and do something else. Before I go to bed for the day, I ajar the door to the studio and see that the painting has gotten better.

Probably because the brain recovers. The day after the paintings birth or days after the paintings matures improve and becomes perfect. The painting gives me an energy boost that makes my life spin. Then I know that the painting is complete.

The goal of a painting that the viewer will get with a feeling that strengthens the person when exposed to the normal life.

What, how or why I have no words to describe what it is. The picture just is. That's what I call an abstract painting.

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